MAMA Radio: Colombia, Peace process and Hemispheric Process

MAMA Radio with Mario Murillo. Interview with Manuel Rozental on Colombia,

Peace Process and Hemispheric context. March 20th 2015


As the historic peace process taking place in Havana between the Colombian government and rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, continues moving forward, a number of obstacles remain for a final settlement to end the 51-year armed insurgency and civil war. Among the issues still being hammered out include transitional justice for the victims of the war, and how war crimes would be handled, both for the leftist insurgents and government forces and its allies. While there is optimism that there might be a signed agreement by the end of the year, especially now that both sides are abiding by a cease-fire in the armed actions carried out against one another’s forces, there is growing concern among social movement activists about what might happen once the guns of the armed conflicto are silenced. Will Colombia see a real transformation in its social, political and economic future? With the U.S. now directly engaged in the peace process, having named Bernard Aronson as an oficial envoy to the Havana talks, observers are once again calling attention to the long history of U.S. involvement in Colombia, and its ongoing meddling in the affairs of other countries in the región. 


Bernard Aronson and Presidente Santos. The US special envoy to the peace process represents the corporate agenda


I spoke with social activist and Physician Manuel Rozental, a founding member of Pueblos en Camino, an independent, horizontal coalition of organizations working with social movements throughout the continent. He was part of the Communication team of the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca, and joined us from Puebla, Mexico.


Mario Murillo

Mario Radio

Aired, March 20th 2015

New York

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